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Genie Bottle Fragrance's

We Now Have Our Own Line Of Fragrances!

Our Store Is Creating and Selling Our Own Line Of Essential Oil Fragrances Sold In These Unique Gene Bottles From Egypt! Exclusive To Our Store Only!!

7 Different Fragrances to Choose From. $17.99 Each 10 Ml. Bottle. We Will Be Selling The Fragrance Re-fills For Them As Well. This Is A My CBD Health Product.

Pick Your Bottle & Fragrance. You Can Place Your Orders Now To Insure You Get The Fragrance and Bottle You Want. We Will Have In Store July 10th. Then Ship Out That Day or Pick Up In Store.

Genie Bottle Fragrance's - Fragrance of The Month Surprise Genie Bottle. Collect a Different One Each Month. For Our Customers Hwo Like Surprises. There Are 7 Different Fragrance's To Collect and 10 Different Bottle Designed. Three Surprise Fragrances!!!
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Lily Calla Genie Bottle Fragrance's

Lily Calla Genie Fragrance Bottle 10 Ml. Red Glass.
Genie Bottle Fragrance's - Lily Calla Fragrance Red Glass 10 Ml.
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