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Paradise & Delta 8 Tinctures

Adding CBD Health To Your Life Naturally

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My CBD Health Best CBD Oil Brands.

Not All CBD Is Created Equal? Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum and Isolates are CBD family. We have been testing the top brands and listing to feed back from our customers and there experiences. I have been caring the Best of the Best from our research we have done in our store, our selves testing and feed back from customers for 12 months now. Everyone is different and have different problems. So not all CBD oils are created equal. You have to find the one that works Best For You! Below are our brands we recommend for our customers. We have tried them, done research and looked at the third party testing also our customers use them and are over coming there problems with these products. These are the CBD Oil Products we recommend. Below Click on the products link you want and see there full line.

Paradise Isolates 0% THC , Best CBD Products!

My CBD Health Best

My CBD Health Brand Paradise Isolates in Strawberry and Blue Berry flavors.

1000 mg. CBD or 3000 Mg. CBD available 0% THC. This is a product for those that need the healthy support of CBD without the THC. A lot of our Dr's and nurses, first responders, police officers and other customers that have to pass a drug test.

My CBD Health Best

My CBD Health Brand Delta 8 Tinctures

This is 800mg Delta 8 tincture in 1fl. oz bottle.

My CBD Health Delta 8 Tinctures 800 mg or 1600 mg from full spectrum.This is not a FDA product. This is not to cure or diagnose any disease.

4 different types.

Awaken / For focus & energy Sativa - Can cause some weight loss / has in others. Keeps you alert and level plain. Most customers experienced, Stay focused and pain free.

Hibernation / sleep Indicia - Most customers experienced relaxation, restful sleep, falls asleep faster.

Tranquility, / stress and calming, hybrid - Helps with anxiety, calming and function.

Relief / pain and inflammation relief, Hybrid. Pain relief, mobility and function.

This product is not approved by the FDA. Consult your Doctor before using this or any products.

This products is not used to treat or diagnose any disease.

***When Purchasing Our Products You Know and Understand To Always Contact Your Physician Before Using or Ingesting Any Products You Purchase On or Website or In Our Store.***

**I understand that the statements regarding these products are not evaluated by the FDA. These Products are not intended to prevent, cure, treat or diagnose any disease. These are Hemp Derived CBD products.**